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Panoramic Views

Perched on the edge of Hoedspruit town, our hotel provides unrivalled views of the majestic Drakensberg Mountain. Whether you're in your cabin or enjoying a drink at our elevated sundowner deck, the scenery will leave you in awe, creating unforgettable moments.

7  Reasons

Why We Love Hoedspruit

2022 10 24 Wildtuin-8729.jpg

1. Our Exceptional Wildlife

Hoedspruit is home to a vast array of animal species which makes this beautiful town the one of the most popular safari destinations in the world!  You can be assured to spot at least 1 of the Big 5 - rhino, lion, elephant, leopard and buffalo, in one of our Wildlife Estates or Nature Reserves.  Classic sounds of the South African bushveld to be heard include the laughter of hyenas, roaring lions, howling jackal and the cry of the African Fish Eagle.  

2.  Our Diverse Landscape

With the Drakensberg Mountain Range spoiling us every day as a magnificent backdrop, we also have one of the top tourist attractions on our doorstep, the Panorama Route.  The Panorama Route is a scenic road in South Africa connecting several cultural and natural points of interest. The route, steeped in the history of South Africa, centred around the Blyde River Canyon, is the world's third largest canyon.  These magical landscapes are paired with tangerine and cotton candy sunsets and sunrises, and afternoons melt into nights dotted with the incomparable, starry African sky.

3.  Multicultural People

People from all over the world find a feeling of home in Hoedspruit and each person they meet.  One thing we all share is unparalleled kindness and hospitality.  Not to mention our love for food but the togetherness when having a meal around a table.  Our sense of humour, immense love to laugh and concoction of cultures provides for a remarkable place to live in.

4. Wildlife Conservation

We have numerous efforts to protect our stunning scenery, wildlife, especially endangered species and habitats. Not only are we known as one of the most popular safari destinations in the world, but with constant conservation efforts, we endeavour to preserve and protect our natural wilderness.  A place where you can experience the beauty of South Africa, on your doorstep.

5. Delicious Food

They say our eyes are the windows to our soul, but what really speaks of South Africa’s soul is good, delicious, tantalizing food.  With a comprehensive selection of restaurants and supermarkets in Hoedspruit, good food is assured.  Here are some unmissable favourites, in no particular order: lamb chops on an open fire, rusks dipped in coffee, the distinct smell and taste of the South African Rooibos tea, endless South African wines to choose from, mielie pap made with lots of love, Milk Tart and Malva pudding desserts to finish off any meal or satisfy that sweet craving and the ultimate South African favourite, biltong (dried and cured meat).  These are only a few highlights of SA’s best treats across the town, you’ll be treated with delicious meals, snacks, and drinks.

6.  Excellent Weather

Hoedspruit is blessed with lovely, warm, sunny summers, and mild winters.  The climate is subtropical semi-arid, with a hot, quite rainy period from November to March and a relatively cool, dry period from May to August. During the day it can get very hot from September to April.  With a town so saturated with awesome outdoor experiences, the enjoyable weather just makes it too good to be true.

7.  Adventure Galore

Hoedspruit is just packed with adventures to be had. If you are a lover of the outdoors, you can take a scenic flight, go on a game drive, enjoy a Blyde Dam boat cruise, go for a hike, visit the Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre, go hot air ballooning, and more!  The activities are endless. Mariepskop, one of the highest peaks in the northern Drakensberg, and the highest point of the Blyde River Canyon, offers not-to-be-missed views of the surrounding landscape – there are streams to swim in and waterfalls to enjoy, but hiking it makes the views that much more worth it.

There are a thousand more reasons why we are absolutely in love with Hoedspruit, you’ll just have to make the trip to experience it for yourself.

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